Carmelya Portrait | Miri & Lawas Portrait Photographer

First of all, I would like to wish my beloved girlfriend a blessed and wonderful birthday!! May God fill you with His Spirit, joy, peace and abundant blessings.

Carmelya and I travelled to Miri to attend my friend Julian & Eleopatra’s wedding. Since I wasn’t shooting for my friend’s wedding as the official photographer, I have tons of times to spend together with Carmelya.

And of course, taking the opportunity for a photoshoot session with Carmelya.

It was a hot and bright sunny day, we haven’t decided a location for the photoshoot yet, and we only left about 2 hours before the wedding reception. Since we’re still in the town area, I decided to shoot at the Grand Old Lady.

The Grand Old Lady is a famous landmark in Miri City. It’s the first oil well constructed by SHELL and it’s situated on top of Canada Hill. It has breathtaking scenery of Miri City and modern state-of-art designed building of the Petroleum Science Museum.

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